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Helicopter Pilot Training

Pay As You Go at our San Antonio Campus location

Introductory/Discovery flights - $195 - You take the controls!

Taking an introductory flight is an incredible experience. We want you to get the feeling for how exciting being a helicopter pilot is and to get a good sense of the challenge that is in store. One of Alamo Helicopter's Certified Flight Instructors will go over how the helicopter works and how to control it. Then you and the Flight Instructor will take off. Over the course of the next half hour you will experience takeoffs, straight and level flight, hovering,landing and an amazing view. Not only will you land with a much more clear concept of what it means to be fly helicopters but will have flown one! We are available 6 days a week to take you for your first flight.

Alamo Helicopter Tours - Flight Training

How to get started...

Come and take an Introductory flight and see what becoming a pilot is all about.

Next you will need to obtain a FAA Medical Certificate. We will refer you to an FAA Approved Medical Examiner in your area. Some of the areas they will test are: checking that your vision is correctable to 20/20, that you have good hearing and that you have no medical problems that would hinder your ability to safely pilot an aircraft. If you have specific questions or concerns feel free to contact us.

We are available to help you in arranging financing in order to help cover the cost of flight training. Most lending programs require that students have a cosigner for loan applications, decent credit standing, and 2 years of work history. We will help you walk through the lending process as well as offer you the opportunity to take advantage of Federal Financial Aid.

What kind of jobs are available for helicopter pilots?

Career Options

Tours, Air Ambulance (EMS), Electronic News Gathering ( ENG), Agricultural, Search and Rescue, Fire Fighting, Wildlife and Game Counting and Capture, Aerial Photography, Heli Skiing, Corporate Charter, Off Shore Oil Support, Movies and Television, Seismic Oil Exploration, Logging, etc.

Alamo Helicopter Tours - Flight Training - Carreers

Why Choose Austin Helicopter Tours?

Our pilots, your Flight Instructors are employed by numerous commercial helicopter companies including US Helicopters Incorporated, Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters, PHI and Bristow. This means that you are being trained by pilots who have been through intensive training and have flown with some of the industries best pilots. They then bring that experience and knowledge back to you.

Austin Helicopter Flight Training Cost

Federal Financial Aid

Tuition Assistance

Pilot Finance - private company

Javelin Air Services

Dear Potential Professional Helicopter Pilot,

I remember when I was a teenager and saw an ad in the back of Popular Mechanics for a Gyro Helicopter Kit. I cut out the ad and taped it to my wall ( to my Mother's displeasure) and read it everyday dreaming of becoming a professional helicopter pilot someday.

My first flight instructor was a crop duster from Arkansas that was a very seasoned pilot. To this day the principals and procedures I learned from him are ingrained in me and are part of my piloting fabric.

At this time in my career my goals are to impart the skills I learned from him and improved upon over the last 30 years to the next generation of students who share the same goals and dreams I once had.

Come to Austin or San Antonio and let me start you in an aviation career that will challenge, excite and ultimately leave you with the skills necessary to having a great career of your own.

Sincerely, Randy Riggs

Our Aircraft -
With growing usage within the US, we feel the Robinson is one of the best aircraft for helicopter pilot training. In 2008 alone, the R22 and R44 outsold there nearest competitor 13 to 1 with over 749 aircraft sold. Robinson aircraft are versatile and are used in many facets of this industry. Robinson pilots are more prepared, better trained and have more job options than other pilots. Robinson pilots that transition into larger, turbine aircraft understand their incredible control and precision. They gain a clear understanding of power management and truly capture the feel of the helicopter. http://www.robinsonhelicopter.com      R22 Specifications PDF

Austin Helicopter Tour pilots have a wealth of real-world experience to help you learn faster.

Ryan DeLoach

Ryan has seen a lot of action since he was born 28 years ago in Grandview, Texas. He joined the United States Marine Corps in 2008, and during his four years of Honorable military service, he completed two tours of duty in Iraq as a Machine Gunner.

After his Honorable discharge, Ryan wasn't sure what he wanted to do with the rest of his life, but he did know one thing:  he wanted to learn how to fly helicopters.

"I liked the idea of going to work and doing something different every day.  Plus, I could not see myself chained to a desk.  At least with flying helicopters, my office would be at about 2000 ft!  Also, it is something that not a lot of people do and I like that."

Ryan began his training in 2008 and never looked back.  He's since completed his Private, Commercial, and Certified Flight Instructor certificates and is now instructing for Alamo and flying tours.

 Ryan is also a full time student  where he is working towards his Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management.  When he's not flying, he enjoys playing golf and spending time with his family.

San Antonio Flight Training Pilot Wade Amen

Wade Amen

I started my flight training in the winter of 2005 and completed my training a year later. My first job in aviation was working as a ground instructor as I finished my Certified Flight Instructor Certificate. Once I completed my CFI, I began to work as a professional pilot in the city of Houston. I now fly tours and teach future pilots here in my home town of San Antonio and work for PHI off shore in Louisiana.

One of the awesome experiences that I was fortunate to complete during my years as a commercial pilot was that I was hired to ferry a Robinson R-44 from Houston to Brazil. I flew down the Caribbean chain, Island hopping my way to South America. I flew through the Bermuda Triangle, landed in the Amazon jungle and flew over the Amazon River. I will never forget the beautiful waters and vacation atmosphere that I incurred while “working”.

My most favorite question while working as a pilot has been, “Your job must be fun”. My normal response is that “Yes it is, my office has a wonderful view”. I don’t need to put up pictures because I have an awesome panoramic right in front of me.

Flight Instructor

Debbie Galvan

The roads of life can take you many different directions, my road took a drastic turn after my husband took me to a seminar. He was already a fixed-wing pilot and was interested in flying helicopters, as we listened to the seminar he leaned over and said “I can’t do this (he travels for his job) but you can”, and I happened to be thinking the exact same thing.

Helicopters had always fascinated me but not in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be a helicopter pilot and here I am 5 years later being paid to fly! So, if helicopters have ever fascinated you like they did me, go take a ride or even better take a discovery flight where you actually get to fly the helicopter. You never know where your road will take you!

Randy Riggs

With over 40 years as a career helicopter pilot, I have been involved in an exciting industry and I can honestly say I loved every minute of it. In that time I have been checked out in over 10 different types of helicopters and logged over 15,000 flight hours. With 10 years in corporate charter, 13 years in the tour business, 4 years as chief pilot for County flying EMS, Search and Rescue and fire fighting, 8 years flying offshore oil support and 5 years wildlife management in the Florida Everglades plus additional stints flying aerial photography and flight instruction, I feel that I can help younger pilots learn from my experience.